Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Design Your Own Tie and Embark on the Journey of Tying Knots

Tying proper knots is quite a process and there are people who know it and there are others who try to do it properly all the time. There is a wide range of knots existing in the fashion book that not many people know about except the tie aficionados. Tying this particular piece of cloth is a combination of aesthetics and symmetry. In this post, we will tell you about some of the complex, simple, popular and not so popular tie knots.

Some Popular Tie Knots

Trinity Knot

  • Trinity Knot: The name suggests it all. This is the most symmetrical knot resembling the Celtic Triquetra. This could also be termed as the religious knot; however, it can be attempted by the non-religious too. The Trinity appears extremely eye-catching as it converges at a middle point. It might appear intimidating at the first glance, but is actually quite simple and also stylish.
  • The Fishbone Knot: With quite a creative name this amazing knot appears remarkably formal and is gaining rapid popularity. It is quite challenging to tie but most people feel it is worth the effort as it creates a lasting impression on the onlooker.
  • The Rose Knot: When you design your own tie there is lot more creative liberty than you usually have. The rose knot appears beautiful and romantic and trying it on the Valentine’s Day or on your first date could be interesting. It is almost similar in shape to the Trinity knot but with an added loop.
  • The Ellie Knot: With a short and sweet name this is a variant of the Eldredge knot but is easier to tie as it uses less fabric. It leaves a tail which makes it easy to adjust according to the comfort level of the user. It looks best with semi-wide collar openings.
  • True Love Knot: This one is the most sophisticated of all the knots and depends on 4 quadrants. Tying this knot properly takes some practice but once it is done you will simply enjoy tying it. Use a striped tie for a pinwheel effect. Do remember that it is one of the most sensuous of knots and is for the lady killers on the floor.
  • The Boutonniere Knot: This one is known for long loops and looks amazing with wide collar openings. Used semi-formally the moves are similar to fishbone but have cleaner finish when tucked under collar.

All these knots make the custom neckties appear beautiful and add suavity to them. Men who prefer ties and the ones who don’t can also try out these to experiment with their looks. In fact, customizing the cloth pieces and experimenting with the knots is even more interesting as it gives you the freedom to have your own signature style.


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